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Website Design

Let’s face it, you are either online or your company doesn’t exist these days. With our technology and team, we can build you a responsive website aimed at your customer to create a user friendly experience that brands your company, products, and services. Fast, intuitive, and custom designed, to make your brand stand out.

Mobile Sites

Today everyone lives on their smartphones. People are moving to mobile platforms faster everyday. If your company is not providing the mobile experience that your competition is, your business could be missing out on a ton of opportunities. In Group Marketing can ensure you capture that ever growing market.

Mobile Apps

You’ve heard it, “there’s an app for that.” Without question apps are the now. They are not only on your phone, but also on your tablet, computer, and even your smart tv’s. Your company could stand out from the competition by providing your customers something that is branded to your company’s products or services, so you are just one click away.

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Marketing Campaigns

Spending a ton of your marketing campaign dollars on results that range from a 2%-10% response rate? If so, contact us. Our direct target marketing campaigns can provide 100% exposure to your members, employees, clients, prospects, of whom ever your target is. Our programs provide exposure that other companies simply cannot provide.

Loyalty Cards

Every business appreciates their customers, and we know how important it is to have them keep returning. Right now, Loyalty Cards are all the craze, and they should be. Rewarding your customers keeps them coming back.

Social Media Websites

If you have a member based business or organization, you might want to evaluate how your members interact. Getting everyone involved can be the key to any group, club, organization, even a business with employees.

Graphic Design

Do you have an idea that you would like to show to your customers but don’t know how to get the design you want created? We can take care of that for you. Custom designs for ads, banners, flyers, basically anything.

GEO Fencing

Looking to attract more customers? Wish the traffic that drove or walked passed your business everyday knew about your specials? Geo Fencing sends a message to your customers when they get within a specified area.

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Everything you see here is responsive, mobile-optimized, and seo friendly.

In Group Marketing is a Tampa based marketing company that specializes in using the latest in technologies to offer direct marketing opportunities to both local and national vendors. Specializing in the world of technology, we don't just bring something to the table, we bring the table, chairs, and everything that you would need to host a productive meeting. Well, so to speak. See, if you just bring pieces to the table, then you may have something lost along the way. The puzzle has to be complete, all steps covered, from A to Z. That's what we do, cover all the bases. With the latest formats in website development, such as PHP, HTML 5, Joomla, Magento, Oxwall, Drupal, and more, we focus on using the platforms that create a custom design for each client. Graphic Design. Need a logo? Flyer or brochure creation? Not a problem. We've got you covered. Our team has an all around artistic vibe, and can ensure that your brand has the best layout and display.

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