Moto Rewards – Revolutionizing Member Appreciation

In Group Marketing has developed a revolutionary new mobile application, specifically designed around the motorcycle enthusiast world. This new app allows the member to obtain rewards on a multitude of levels. Some of those levels include:

  • Downloading the app.
  • Registering on the website for the “Member Rewards” point system.
  • Being active on the website.
  • Being active of the mobile final
  • Inviting friends to join the program.
  • Using Loyalty Cards at participating businesses.
  • Recommending motorcycle friendly establishments.
  • Checking in at “Hot Spots” in their area.
  • Adding motorcycle related events.
  • Shopping in the online store.
  • Shopping at our “Preferred Vendors.”
  • Rating our “Preferred Vendors.”
  • Checking in at a “Preferred Vendor.”
  • Sharing their experiences.
  • Attending events.
  • and much more.

The Moto Rewards system is an app designed to reward the members for being a part of this amazing new system. The members will have the opportunity to earn points that can be used towards cash and prizes, receive exclusive discounts from our “Preferred Vendors”, as well as being kept up to speed with real time push notifications on events, promotions, and activities in their area.

With the level of activity points that a member receives throughout the month, that member is eligible to receive cash and prizes for just participating. That’s it. It is our way of saying “thank you” to the users, and giving back to the motorcycle riders.

Currently based in the Florida market, this app will quickly grow throughout the rest of the country, as well as throughout other industries.

To learn more about becoming a Preferred Vendor, and having your company marketed to over 10,000 members, simply view our video presentation here. You can also contact us at