Website Creation – 10,000+

Florida Ride or Die is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts with approximately 10,000 members. The profile of the riders range anywhere from scooters to cruisers, sportbikes to full dress. The problem was, how do we get them all to see everything that is going on throughout the state and keep them all informed of so much activity?

At first Facebook was the most viable option. But as we all know, we don’t see everything we should on Facebook. With the changes that Facebook has implemented, they are making it harder each day for group members and businesses to communicate. The members don’t see all the posts, tags, and shares that they should. Therefor you see the same posts, or questions repeatedly due to the members not being properly informed. Thus creating some confusion amongst the members.

For businesses, the problem was greater. Facebook’s algorithm is such that on average, a business post only goes to approximately 2% of their audience. Far cry from the 10,000 members within the group. Many business owners believe that when they make a post on Facebook inside a group that has 10,000 members that all 10,000 are going to see it. That could not be farther from the truth. If you have ever posted via a business page on Facebook, you will see a button that says Boost This Post. This is where Facebook makes their money. They have the person or business posting their promotion pay for it to be marketed to the members. This can get very costly and frustrating if not done correctly. So the problem for us was simple. Find a way to market 100% to all of the members with a minimal budget for a business.

Hence, The first ever social network that specifically is aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts in the state of Florida. A few of the features include:

  • My Profile Page
  • Newsfeed section for site wide discussions
  • Activity points system allowing members to earn monthly rewards
  • Photo sharing and commenting
  • Video sharing and commenting
  • Music sharing and downloading
  • A fee free crowdfunding page to help riders in need
  • Members Benefits page where businesses can provide riders with exclusive discounts
  • Post a Ride – Riders can get other riders together at a moment’s notice
  • Online Store for Florida Ride or Die merchandise
  • A fee free online auction site for buying and selling or anything the members would like to sell
  • Banner rotation for businesses to promote to the members
  • Banner placement throughout the website
  • Push notifications for real time alerts to the members on both desktop and mobile formats
  • A Groups feature so members could create their own groups to associate with based on their location
  • An Events section that would allow for members to receive notifications about an event
  • Private messaging system that allows members to chat on both mobile and desktop platforms
  • A Sell Your Bike feature allowing the members to receive instant offers when trying to sell their motorcycles

In all, sure it sounds like Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Ebay, Youtube, Craigslist, and Go Fund Me all in one website. Basically, it is. But without the fee’s to the members, and minimal cost to the businesses to promote their products and services. All with 100% exposure, and no limiting algorithms. So now everyone can be informed.

To learn more about simply click the here to visit the website.

If you are a business, and would like to advertise your business products and services, you can reach out to us at

Enjoy the site, and ride safe everyone.